Hugo Kuijf (1986) was born in Woerden and grew up in Linschoten, the Netherlands. He completed his Computer Science Bachelor at the Utrecht University in 2007, with academic minors in Software Technology and Game- and Mediatechnology. During his Master Game and Media Technology, he developed an interest in medical image processing. He took extracurricular courses offered by the Biomedical Image Sciences Master programme and finished his Masters’ with an internship at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AvL), Amsterdam. End of 2009, Hugo started as a PhD-candidate at the Image Sciences Institute (ISI), UMC Utrecht, and focussed on image processing techniques for brain MR images. After completing his PhD in 2013, Hugo continued as a postdoctoral researcher at the ISI.

Currently, Hugo is working on the project “Quantitative analysis of MR brain images for cerebrovascular disease management (Brainbox)”.